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Hyoscyamus niger extract (Khorasani Ajowain, Herbane)

The herb is used extensively as a sedative and pain killer and is specifically used for pain affecting the urinary tract, especially when due to kidney stones. Its sedative and antispasmodic effect makes it a valuable treatment for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, relieving tremor and rigidity during the early stages of the disease. This species is generally considered best for external use, and also most appropriate for internal use. It  is used for the treatment of bones and rheumatism, toothache, asthma, cough, nervous diseases, and stomach pain.

Additional information:

The extracts are delivered paraben free, and low bacterial count without the use of any chemical or gamma treatment. Amsar is a responsible manufacturer providing green eco friendly extracts and does not discharge solvents, gases or other hazardous materials into the environment.

  • Latin Name : Hyoscyamus niger

  • Sanskrit Name : Parasigaya

  • Common Name : Khorasani Ajowain

  • Family : Solanaceae

  • Part Plant Used : Herb

  • Solvent Used : Hydroalcohol

  • Storage Condition : In Double Sealed PP Bags

  • Appearance : Brown Powder

  • Organoleptic Test : Acrid Taste

  • Odour :  Characteristic Odour

  • Herb Ext. Ratio : 10:1

  • Total alkaloids calculated as Hyoscyamine per IP 66 Method Taking 1 gm Of Sample : 0.3 – 0.45%

  • As per USSRP IX for extract Hyoscyamus

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