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Amsar aqua culture solution to shrimp farming


Shrimp farmers are faced with continuous challenges on multiple fronts. The entire production cycle is challenged from the hatcheries through the lifecycle of farmed shrimps.

The risks are extremely high as are the rewards, however as hatcheries and commercial shrimp/fish farms have found one bountiful harvest can be followed by a total disaster and ensuring a cycle where risks are minimized and rewards sustainable has been the focus of AMSARVEDA’s aqua research program.

Antibiotics have traditionally been used to treat microbial infections in aquaculture around the world. However, the overuse and abuse of antibiotics has caused unwanted adverse effects such as the accumulation of antibiotics in the tissues of animals, immune suppression, development of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and destruction of environmental microbial flora which has impacted the entire food chain right up to human consumers that enjoy the gift of sea food unaware of the highly dangerous substances that are being ingested.

Since 1963 AMSARVEDA has focussed on 100% natural therapies for man and animals. For over 60 years Amsar has been the first-choice supplier of Quality Herbal extracts to the Indian Ayurvedic industry. In 1998 Amsarveda launched its first line of branded products that emerged out of 3 decades of research experience. From 2003 onwards the research program was extended to animal/aquaculture.

Our focus has been on sustainable, natural solutions that do not cause drug resistance as with synthetic compounds, nor cause ecological damage, nor effect the hatchery/farms workers who are exposed to massive doses of antibiotics putting their own lives at risk. The final and obvious risk is to consumers who unwittingly consume antibiotic reared animals/aqua products.

LIVACT D - 120
Product Livact D - 120
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