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Amsar was founded in 1963 by two scientists with Post Graduate degrees in chemistry from England and Doctoral degrees from Switzerland and introduced the concept of standardized extracts to the industry.

Pioneering the concept of Standardized Herbal extracts in 1963, Amsar  established quality protocols and standards that are now considered industry  standards. Our R & D program has investigated over 100 plants for their  safety and therapeutic activity. Novel ingredients and delivery systems have resulted in the most effective products in the industry. Amsar established modern validation protocols and quality standards that freed the industry from the chrysalis of mysticism and faith based production methods.

A GMP certified factory with Organic Certification managed by professionals and certified technologists control every stage of our process.

Amsar GMP certified Factory with Organic Certification
Amsar team photo

Amsar represents a unique blend of traditional knowledge and modern science. Established in 1963, Amsar was India’s first manufacturer of standardized botanical extracts. An award winning company, Amsar has been at the forefront of the Indian herbal industry for over 6 decades. Today Amsar carries the agenda of it’s founders to Deliver Quality Naturally by employing the highest levels of technical expertise, advanced manufacturing and validation technologies and doing all this in an environment that is transparent, dedicated and visionary.

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