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Convolvulous pluricaulis extract (Shankapushpi, morning glory)

Clinical studies have exhibited demonstrable beneficial effects in the patients of anxiety neurosis. The herb induces a feeling of calm and peace, good sleep and a relief in anxiety, stresses, and mental fatigue, producing a significant reduction in the level of anxiety, neuroticism arising due to various levels of stresses.

Product Presentation:

Amsar offers this extract in powder , granule, liquid and paste form to facilitate the ease of use by formulators.

Additional information:

The extracts are delivered paraben free, and low bacterial count without the use of any chemical orgamma treatment. Amsar is a responsible manufacturer providing green eco friendly extracts and does not discharge solvents, gases or other hazardous materials into the environment.

  • Latin Name : Convolvulus pluricaulis

  • Sanskrit Name : Shankhpushpi

  • Family : Convulvulaceae

  • Part Plant Used : Herb

  • Solvent Used : Hydro Alcohol

  • Storage Condition : In Double Sealed PP Bags

  • Appearance : Brown Powder

  • Organoleptic Test : Bitter

  • Odour :  Characteristic Odour

  • Herb Ext. Ratio : 10:1

  • Solubility By IP Taking 1gm Of Sample In Water : Not Less Than 70%

  • Solubility By IP Taking 1gm Of Sample In 50% Alcohol : Not Less Than 70%

  • Bitters :  Not Less Than 3%

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