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Adhatoda vasica leaf extract (Adhulsa)

In Ayurvedic medicine, adhatoda vasica is used for a multitude of disorders including; leprosy, blood disorders, heart troubles, fever, vomiting, loss of memory, leucoderma, jaundice, tumors, mouth troubles, sore-eye, and gonorrhea. Adhatoda Vasica has anti-inflammatory characteristics. It helps in asthma and reduces inflammation of airways and lungs. Adhatoda vasica leaf can also be used to treat joint pain, lumber pain and sprains. The most common use is it’s role in cough remedies.

Additional information:

The extracts are delivered paraben free, and low bacterial count without the use of any chemical or gamma treatment. Amsar is a responsible manufacturer providing green eco friendly extracts and does not discharge solvents, gases or other hazardous materials into the environment.

  • Latin Name : Adhatoda vasica

  • Part Plant Used : Leaf

  • Solvent Used : Water

  • Storage Condition : In Double Sealed PP Bags

  • Appearance :Light brown powder

  • Organoleptic Test : Bitter Taste

  • Odour :  Characteristic Odour

  • Herb Ext. Ratio : 5:1

  • Water Soluble Extractives By IP 66 Method Taking 1gm Of Sample : Not Less Than 75%

  • Alkaloid: 0.5%

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