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Acacia concinna liquid extract (Shikakai)

A premium organic liquid extract from Acacia concinna pod used as a natural detergent, produced in our GMP certified facility.

Acacia concinna liquid extract (Shikakai)

Shikakai has low pH level and hence is a natural cleanser for your scalp, cleansing it gently. Shikakai with its natural elements is believed to promote hair growth and also reduces hair fall. It acts as a great detangler to leave you with those beautiful locks that you would love to run your fingers through. Shikakai also prevents hair from greying naturally. Shikakai is rich in essential nutrients like Vitamin C and doesn’t make the scalp dry thereby preventing dandruff and other scalp problems.

A liquid extract that is fully soluble in polar and non polar phases..
Color: Brown
Odor : Characteristic
Uses: As a natural detergent used in soaps and shampoo’s.

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