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Pyrus malus fruit extract (Iron in Apple juice USSRP X)

A unique, proprietary extract based on the USSRP X, Apple extract and apple juice are reacted with Iron filings to create a bio-available safe iron supplement. The extract helps alleviate anemia and is safe for pregnant women ,does not cause constipation.


Additional information:

The extracts are delivered paraben free, and low bacterial count without the use of any chemical or gamma treatment. Amsar is a responsible manufacturer providing green eco friendly extracts and does not discharge solvents, gases or other hazardous materials into the environment.

  • Latin Name : Pyrus malus

  • Sanskrit Name : Seva

  • Common Name : Apple

  • Family : Rosaceae

  • Part Plant Used : Fruit

  • Solvent Used : Water

  • Storage Condition : In Double Sealed PP Bags

  • Appearance : Greenish Brown Thick Paste

  • Organoleptic Test : Metallic & sweetish Taste

  • Odor :  Characteristic Odor

  • Water soluble extractives: Not less than 70%

  • Mallic acid calculated as Iron Malate : 5%

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