The nutritional supplement industry in 2011 has shown a significant growth over the previous years, inspite of the global economic downturn which started in late 2007. The increase can be attributed to the increasing health care costs, which make people focus on proactive health care instead of symptom relief. Also, the ageing population and the desire to remain healthy prove to be important factors in driving the nutritional supplements market. Also, people have increased faith in the nutritional supplements due to wider acceptance of such products amongst the medical profession. All these factors would continue to impact the nutritional supplements industry worldwide in the foreseeable future. 

Plainly stated on its cover, "Clean Living" is now a serious market force, powerful enough to aggressively drive quiet trends into dominant market positions and rattle what once were considered unshakeable pillars of loyalty.

By any measure, health as a broad lifestyle choice, is now a mainstream phenomena and the quality of common comsumer information has pierced long held advertising barriers, succesfully demanding alternatives to a daily meal of synthetics and drugs no matter how tasty or convenient. Consumers are demanding choices that Amsar is happy to provide.

As Hippocrates stated "Your food shall be your medicine and you medicine shall be your food". Some things never change.

What the cover of Forbes signals is a market realignment - taking place right now. It's time for dialogue, new habits, new alliances, new directions, and new possibilities in order to maintain - or obtain - market leadership positions.

With Amsar, weathering the storm becomes riding the wave. Decades of foresight have come to fruition and Amsar's expertise, our clients would say, represents the difference between success and failure in the coming years of opportunity.

We have provided you with a number of means to navigate Amsar's Naturally Occurring solutions. You should find our condition specific Therapeutic Index especially useful, pointing you to both Formulas and Functional Materials for particular applications (or refinements) that would ensure peak positioning, definitive value-added, and potential patent partnering opportunities with Amsar.

We are proud to be at the forefront of the next wave in Nutraceutical evolution and we invite you to take a leadership role.

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