Our Health is in our hands, this has never been truer than today when a chemical overload has resulted in the human race being sicker than ever before. Most drug companies will have you believe in what's called "Life Expectancy" as an indicator of the state of human health, however when one looks at and understands the true definition of modern drugs, you will clearly see that humans have now been subjected to a life time of drug dependency. 

Alternative medicine has always focused on the prevention, cure and rejuvenation as its principle goals. Modern medicine focuses on palliative care, a state where the patient is given support in times of medical difficulties to improve their "Quality of Life". No where does modern medicine talk of cures, since curing people would put them out of business. 

Consider this, Drug companies are the most profitable entities in any given industrial sector. Modern Drug Companies, like a leading American giant delivers annual profits of over US$ 11 billion which exceeds the combined Health care budgets of countries in Africa. 

We DO NOT need to destroy our long term health for short term gains ( dubious as they are). Alternative therapies offer a viable, scientific approach to dealing with General Health care issues, and in most cases are used by modern physicians as complementary therapies where modern drug companies have no answer.

Amsar Private Limited, through over 40 years of dedication to helping mankind improve their health naturally brings you a range of safe effective products that are suitable for everyday use. Amsar's Naturally Occurring paradigm related to Ayurvedic Medicines and supplements, creates a new category of authentic Natural products with significant potencies derived exclusively from botanical and food concentrates.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

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