Health challenges for men in the 21st century is enormous. Economic concerns, environmental pressures, a widening gap between the rich & poor, an increasingly polarized world based on religion and beliefs is causing a whole new disease:- "modernity". What have we truly achieved in the past 100 years?. We have far more cars and greater pollution, more electronics and more hazard's, more energy and a devastating loss of forests, more wealth and less humanity. All this has contributed to a host of health challenges that face modern man. 

Modern drug's have not offered any cure to modern diseases, man stands on the threshold of his greatest endeavor, to survive his own follies, newer viruses attack and destroy entire communities, untold destruction is cause by till recently unheard of germs. Just in the past 6 months India has been challenged by what's known as " Chickungunya", a weird name for a still un identified virus that attacks the immune system causing high fevers and an excruciating form of arthritis, there is no cure. East Asia has already been struck by untold viruses, with newer ones emerging at an alarming pace.

There is no answer in modern medicine, Man has got to go back to nature. Amsar provides Men with safe, affordable natural products to address a wide range of health issues specific to men, to protect and rejuvenate.

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