Childhood is a maze of self-discovery and wonderful experiences. Everyday is new adventure. These wonder years are often punctuated by bouts of common illnesses and sometimes an illness more serious. As parents, we are caught between a desire to keep our children healthy, and a concern that we must not over-treat them. Modern medicine cannot yet tell us the long-term effects of repeated antibiotic treatments nor can it offer any cures. Most modern drugs have become ineffective, some commonly used cold/cough remedies have been shown to be dangerous after millions and millions of prescriptions written over 2 decades and more. Can we really trust the health of our children to companies for whom profit is the motivating factor, not cure?.

Companies producing modern drugs survive on the fact that they do not offer cures, as cures would put them out of business. Traditional medicine has never had that compulsion, it was a social phenomenon used by communities to treat themselves, the source was free and therefore there was no profit factor. Today, we at Amsar deliver these safe traditional natural remedies at extremely reasonable prices.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

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