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With all the sore throats, runny noses, intestinal disorders, and allergies that plague our kids, childhood must sometimes seem like a constant blur of illnesses--especially to the parent doing the nursing. But even though these ailments are debilitating and take an enormous toll on the young patient, most of the problems clear up pretty quickly, are not life-threatening, and carry few long-term effects.

Even so, parents still need to be particularly vigilant about safeguarding their children's health. The recent rise in the incidence of serious diseases--including whooping cough, rubella, measles, mumps, and hepatitis B--makes a compelling case for keeping vaccinations up-to-date. One of the latest vaccines, now recommended for all newborns, is for hepatitis B, a viral infection that causes an inflamed liver, and may lead to chronic infection and even cancer of the liver.

Routine medical checkups, proper diet, and plenty of rest are also essential to give children the protection theyneed. When a child falls ill or shows any unexplained or persistent symptoms, prompt medical advice and attention are crucial. This strategy helps keep minor illnesses from getting out of control and ensures early treatment for more serious disorders.

Child Fitness
The stress that a child experiences is indescribable. The pressures to excel, daily challenges of youth, the physical changes and loss of innocence that comes with growing in a society that is far from forgiving, creates a potent mixture of insecurity and rebellion. Most children emerge stronger from this experience, some are affected for life. Added to these emotional challenges are the growing number of communicable diseases. Modern medicine is in catch up mode, and will run out of steam one day, unable to cope with the rising resistance to conventional drugs.
Most of the disease associated with children are infectious in nature and a result of viral/bacterial infections. Modern medicine does not offer preventive medicine, only vaccinations that may or may not protect your child from disease. Vaccinations are essential, there is no doubt, and however they do not protect your child from the target disease. The only protection is the body’s natural immunity. Children are exposed to other infected children at school and at play, we cannot keep our children in doors, isolated from the outside world. Yet we need to give them the opportunity to be strong and healthy. Modern medicine lacks even the basic medicine to help make a child healthy. Besides health, there is emotional and physical stress caused by examinations, peer pressure to live up to others expectations, a life style that may not be affordable, and indulge in more physical activities than possible. Yet most parents do not consider or address these issues since doctors advise “They will grow out of it”. That might be true, but the emotional scars are carried for life.

For the first time a product AV KIDFIT addresses these issues. AV KIDFIT is scientifically formulated to address emotional stress, Physical stress, immunity and nutrition.

Each Tablet AV KIDFIT contains

  • Withania somnifera extract
  • Terminalia arjuna extract
  • Asparagus racemosa extract
  • Emblica officinalis extract
  • Centella asiatica extract
  • Cassia fistula extract
  • Ficus carica extract
  • Tinospora cordifolia extract
  • Terminalia chebula extract
  • Vitis vinifera extract
  • Ocimum sanctum extract
  • Anethum sowa extract
  • Myristica fragrans extract
  • Acorus calamus extract
  • Trikatu extract

Withania somnifera:
Ayurveda’s most reputed herb, also called Indian Ginseng it has been proven to be more powerful than Ginseng and without any of the side effects of Ginseng. Withania provides the body with a complete immune package. It helps protect the body from disease, reduces anxiety, increases energy levels.

Terminalia arjuna:
A powerful cardiac antioxidant this herb is used in cardiovascular tonics. During childhood, sweets, fats, and other dietary substances that cause heart disease later on in life are eaten without any thought for the future. This herb will allow a child to enjoy childhood whilst providing protection for the future.

Asparagus racemosa:
A popular nutritious herb, it also has immuno-protective properties. The roots of the herb are used for various medicinal applications and helps the body fight disease.

Emblica officinalis:
One of Ayurveda’s top 3 herbs. Amla as it is commonly known in India contain the most unique spectrum of powerful antioxidants. It contains Vitamin C in natural form which has been shown to be 200 times more powerful than synthetic Vitamin C. It also contains a powerful anti-oxidant called Ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is one of the most powerful anti-cancer compounds and helps protect the body from cellular destruction.

Centella asiatica:
The brain herb, helps improve memory and calm the mind. It reduces stress and helps the body deal with emotional problems.

Ficus carica:
Many children suffers from digestive problems and complain of constipation. This is due to a faulty diet. But is a severe problem if left untreated. Toxins build up in the system making the child sick. The extract from this herb helps the digestion and conversion of food into nutrients.

Tinospora cordifolia:
A powerful immunoprotector, this herb is widely used for all sorts of sickness. It is helpful in recovering from disease. It helps the body fight disease. It is also a liver tonic.

Terminalia chebula:
Like Amla, it too is rich in compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols are powerful anti-oxidants that protect the cells of our body from Free radicals that can lead to cancer and other disease like arthritis.

Vitis vinifera:
Dried grapes also contain powerful antioxidants and work in combination with the other herbs with similar activity.

Ocimum sanctum:
Holy Basil, the herb of the Gods. This herb provides protection against liver disease, viruses, etc. It is commonly used in tonics that help the body recover from disease.

Anethum sowa:
A digestive herb that helps the body process the food eaten and deliver the nutrition to the cells.

Myristica fragrans:
A herb that provides a claming effect. In emotional times, the herb helps in reduce stress and nervousness.

Acorus calamus:
A CNS calminative, the herb helps in reduces nervousness .

A herb that enhances the activity of other herbs. This is found in nearly all our products.

  • Helps promote appetite and digestion.
  • Protects against common colds
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Promotes attention
  • Helps growth.

1 to 2 Tablets daily after meals

None reported.

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