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From the beginning of time, men and women have striven to look appealing to each other. The famous beauty of Cleopatra and her daily regimen of beauty treatments probably gave rise to the modern industry of beauty treatments. But even further back in time, the art of beauty was well established in ancient India where Kings and Queens spent hours in private chambers being groomed by special therapists to look their best in front of their subjects.

Milk, herbs, minerals were employed by these ancient people. During the course of modernization industrial production of synthetic chemicals , the need for mass market production, extended storage and transportation gave rise to one of the biggest industries on earth - Cosmetics. However for all the hundreds of billions of dollars spent every year, people are not looking any better and its this fear of aging that continues to fuel the search for better and more effective products. It is now widely acknowledged that chemicals in fact contribute to aging and makes the situation worse for most people. It is this realization that has sparked a movement that goes back to nature. Natural cosmetics have a long established history for over 2000 years, in ancient Greece, India, China women and men used natural products effectively.

Amsar has been involved in the quest for safe effective products for over 50 years. We have studied the ancient theories of sages through the ages and applied modern technologies to this amazing tradition to bring a researched range of highly active products from nature’s basket. A result of 50 years of development is a line of premium natural cosmeceutical products called ANARITI. for face, body and hair care.

ANARITI's range of cosmeceutical products successfully combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, indisputable facts of traditional medicine and modern research efforts. ANARITI comprises a full set of eco-oriented hair, face and body care products, which contains only natural herbal ingredients, including organic certified ones.

As part of our holistic approach ANARITI also includes herbal supplements, which, provides strengthening, restorative and rejuvenating effect on the hair, skin and the whole body by using natural extracts and vitamins derived from plant sources.

ANARITI cosmetics do not contain SLS, parabens, artificial preservatives, dyes and additives. ANARITI formulas are the result of tedious development and extraction that yield premium extracts with unmatched safety and efficacy.

Using ANARITI's holistic approach of internal and external therapy, users will notice significant benefits in a sustainable manner.

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