Each herb has dozens and more bioactive molecules that are more often than not, synergistic or provide safety to sometimes dangerous substances. Tannins are known to be dangerous to mankind in regular intake, however these compounds are ingested by over half the world's population everyday without any adverse reactions. Amsar undertakes exhaustive scrutiny of each herb's chemical profile and traditionally known dangers to produce safe extracts that bear a near exact resemblance to the original botanical source with a defined level of concentration. Amsar pioneered the concept of "Full Spectrum Standardized Extracts", we continue to be the only manufacturer to offer products in this format. Using a wide array of modern technologies, Amsar provides chemical profiling of its products on demand.

Amsar focuses on chronic diseases where modern medicine has no answers. Lifestyle disease are causing the greatest challenge to modern man and an ever changing climate is continuously throwing up untold challenges to underdeveloped nations. We produce safe and effective medicines to address these issues at a cost that even the most challenged can afford. Our commitment to healthcare is unwavering, our passion for excellence is inexhaustible.

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Full Spectrum Standardized Extracts

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Ayurvedic Medicine

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