Quality Control

Over 7500 sft of dedicated Quality Control laboratories that include Wet Chemistry, Microbiology, Instrumentation , Librarian services, Data archiving/reporting is the heart of Amsar's operation. A total SOP driven process with compulsory validation of all methods and processes guarantee's the highest quality of reporting with transparency and a 5 year batch control. All our chemists and technologists are certified by the Drug Control Department of India for carrying out analysis as required by a modern Quality control Laboratory.

Beyond the Norms: 

In an industry where a majority of buyers rely entirely on supplier claims, we remove any doubts by offering Chromatographic fingerprints and batch analysis reports that reflect not only the extract that you buy, but also the crude herbs that were used to manufacture the extracts. HPTLC & HPLC profiles guarantee authenticity of the extracts and prove an absence of cross contamination. Each batch of finished product bears the record of its journey in and through our manufacturing/ analytical processes. These are computer coded, and kept on record for 5 years. At Amsar, crude herbs are sourced from cultivators and ethnobotanists and these alliances that go back nearly 50 years ensure that the herbs we buy are authentic and of the best quality. Crude herbs are dried and stored according to our protocols and contain the entire spectrum of bioactive compounds.

A testament to this commitment is the country's only award handed out for Quality of extracts to a manufacturer in India.

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Ayurvedic Medicine

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